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Reborn Vengeance: Unveiling Past Love and Betrayal

Introduction: In her past life, Tracy Harper faced a chilling demise—buried alive by her own husband, Ian Lander, and her sister, Lucy Harper. But fate offered her a s...

In her previous existence, Tracy Harper encountered a chilling end—she was interred alive, a victim of her own husband, Ian Lander, and her sister, Lucy Harper. However, destiny presented her with a second opportunity when she awoke, finding herself transported back in time by three years. Determined to evade Ian’s grasp, Tracy’s journey intertwined with Troy Smith, her ex-fiancé, who had once called off their engagement. Unbeknownst to her, Troy had also been reborn. In his past life, Troy suffered a tragic demise at the hands of Megan Horris, the woman he cherished, and her paramour. Overwhelmed by a burning resentment towards Megan, Troy found unexpected comfort in Tracy’s kindness during his final breaths. As the two, given a fresh start, witnessed their affection blossom, they made the nefarious individuals who had cut short their lives in their previous incarnations suffer the consequences.

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