My Sass-Tastic Ex-Wife

Elise Hartman, a wealthy young lady in Camonton, finds herself stripped of both her beauty and memor

Elise Hartman, a wealthy young woman from Camonton, finds herself in a tragic situation where she has lost both her beauty and memory, having been wrongfully accused by her own cousin. Reduced to a state of poverty and mental impairment, she becomes an unexpected source of hope for Dylan Benson, who is struggling with a severe illness. The Benson family from Foyden takes Elise in, initially with the intention of sending her away once Dylan recovers. However, as Elise’s true identity remains hidden, the family begins to see her as a valuable member of their household. Despite her challenges, Elise’s kind heart and resilience win over the Bensons, and she starts to rebuild her life in Foyden. Meanwhile, Dylan, who has grown fond of Elise, starts to question the plans for her departure, leading to a series of events that challenge the dynamics within the family and the secrets that brought them together.

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