strong female lead

The Beautiful Wife Doctor
After a car accident that left Brook in a coma, Natalie concealed her identity to marry the man. Tog
[ENG DUB] In the Lap of Luxury
Introduction: Despite being married for three years, Muse Dawn doesn't even get to hold hands with Jim Hawkins, let alone bear a child for him. After surviving a plane crash, Muse finds herself in the hospital, where she sees Jim accompanying another woman for a prenatal checkup. This makes Muse realize Jim's never had space in his heart for her. As soon as she ends the relationship, Muse changes back to the granddaughter of the world's wealthiest man. Since she can't be Jim's wife, she'll be his nemesis instead. She'd like to see who's the unworthy one now!
I Reunited with My Affluent Sister After Facing Workplace Bullying
Introduction: The drama tells the story of an ordinary white-collar worker oppressed by the workplace. Through a fortuitous encounter, she reunites with her wealthy sister whom she hasn't seen for years. With her sister's help and support, the protagonist gradually regains confidence and courage, achieving success in the workplace. Meanwhile, as they spend time together, the protagonist and her sister unravel the emotional knots between them, re-establishing a deep bond of sisterhood.
The Stunning CEO’s Counterattack
Introduction: Desiree was born in a very unfair family. She finally found success due to her hardwork and resilience. Apparently, she had not returned home in years and when she finally decided to, she was disappointed to find out that her family had not changed at all and was still as lazy as they were. Her disappointment reached a breaking point when she revealed her identity as the CEO of a company.
The Intern Lady is a Big Shot
Introduction: She joined the company's annual meeting only to be met with disdain. But when she finally disclosed her identity, jaws dropped—she was the CEO's wife!
From Heartbreak To Payback
Introduction: I always thought I had the perfect marriage until the day I saw my husband with another woman. Picking myself up, I am going to make him pay for the hurt he inflicted on me.