Love After Marriage

Sisters Have Crush On The Same Man
For three years, everyone around them claimed they were the perfect match. It was said so often that
Mr. Moody’s Stand-in Sweetheart
With a childhood filled with Love and abundance, Gigi Philips grows up to be ray of sunshine with no
Tied By Fate
On the day of her divorce, the woman collapses in a pool of blood, giving birth in the snow. In that
In the glamorous world of high fashion, Elara crosses paths with Damon at a fashion show. Fueled by
Marrying a Billionaire After Ex’s Runaway
Three years ago, they were the envy of the campus as an exceptional couple. But when she was diagnos
You’re the April Dream
Tired of all those toxic love stories? So is she! This woman refuses to be a doormat and fights back
CEO’s Flash-Marriage Frenzy
A content security guard watches his ambitious son build a billion-dollar empire and advises caution
Marry Me, Mr. White
As a kid, the heiress was taken away but found her family later. Her foster sister got jealous and t
CEO’s Flash-Marriage Frenzy
In search of the truth behind her sister’s death, Zoe Hale marries billionaire Ashton Cross, whom sh
You’re the April Dream
Brielle is wrongfully accused of killing her fiancé's sister. Her fiancé refuses to believe her, and
CEO’s Flash-Marriage Frenzy
Betrayed by her boyfriend and bestie, the girl ended up flash-marrying a roadside vendor. Who would'
Flash-Married and Utterly Spoiled
Her fiancé is snatched by her sister, then she flash-marries a trillionaire and gets showered with l
You’re the April Dream
Two people who once loved each other separate but later marry without realizing their past connectio
Big Bad Husband, Please Wake Up! 2
Ellie Holland is forced to marry bigshot billionaire Wayne Lyons in order to save her father's life.
A Marriage Mishap Gone Right
After her grandfather's death, she unexpectedly discovers that both her sister and boyfriend betraye
Big Bad Husband, Please Wake Up!
You are forced to marry bigshot billionaire Adrian Lewis as the replacement bride in order to save y
Married for Green Card, Stayed for Love
Simon Williams has one shot of saving his baby brother, find him the perfect bone marrow match. Fate
Married at First Sight
After supporting her boyfriend through law school, Summer gets dumped by Vincent. His reasoning? He
The Double Life of My Billionaire Husband
Sebastian Klein is the bastard son of the Klein family. Rumor has it, he's a good for nothing loser