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Tempting Beauty
Introduction: In their childhood, Rebecca and Marcus were once neighbors. Rebecca's world crumbled when her father was betrayed and perished in flames, while Marcus, taken in by the affluent Lewis family, grew into a scion of wealth. Over a decade later, Rebecca uncovers the shocking truth that the man behind both her misfortune and fortune is none other than Marcus. Their fates, entwined since youth.
The Drillmaster And His Seductive Trainee
Introduction: C-list actress Noelle Lane falls into the sea after being betrayed by her family, only to be saved by Zac Fulmer, a military instructor. Smitten with him from the start, she decides to pursue a relationship. After winning his heart, she discovers that Zac is the second son of the wealthy Fulmer family in Damswers, closely linked to her father's demise. Despite getting entangled in conspiracies and schemes, Noelle and Zac maintain their trust in each other. As they work together to unveil the truths of the past, their love eventually blossoms to fruition.