Love After Marriage

The Sting of Deceptive Love
Irina Jones finds herself unjustly framed and entangled in schemes. However, her husband, Quinn Moor
Throne Tempest: Her Path to Power
Freya Scott, cherished daughter of the Scott family, was engaged to the kind Michael Lind until Charles Wilde disrupted everything by coercing her family to his side and marrying her against her will. Believing Freya betrayed him, Michael teams up with the Shaw and Jensen families to expose Charles' treason. When Michael becomes king, he keeps Freya as his personal maid, subjecting her to daily mistreatment, unaware that the proof against Charles was provided by the Scotts.
Head Over Heels With My Substitute Wifey
Due to a reckless incident where Grace White's younger sister, Amber White, drove under the influence, Woods Group CEO Richard Woods' sister, Alice Woods, has fallen into a coma. Grace's father and malicious stepmother hold her mother's funeral urn hostage, coercing her to marry Richard Woods in Alice's stead to make up for that incident. Little do they know that Grace has already shared an intimate encounter with Richard previously.
Sleeping Handsome, Let's Mate!
Avery, a struggling call girl, seizes the chance to marry the sole heir of the rich Waldorf family,
My Online-to-Offline Romance Diary
Zara Jones and Jacob Graham became close online after she helped with his company's crisis. Jacob, n
Etched by Your Painful Love
Through the love, hatred, and struggles of the songstress Linda, it reflects the lack of autonomy of
Not Now, Wifey
She wants a good life for her daughter; he wants to cure his mom. They agree to get married to help
Son in Law’s Revenge
Natalie left everything behind to start a new life in the woods, until Alpha Jayce's invasion led to
Cry Your Eyes Out by My Tomb
In her past life, she was deceived by her sister, seeing her husband as a devil, while falling for a
Nope, I Don’t Do Toxic Love
Ten years ago, she became an orphan after an accident and was adopted by a wealthy family. As she gr
The Intern Is Your Boss Lady!
A modern actor unexpectedly time-travels to ancient times, becoming a princess entwined with a gener
Charmed by Her Whimsy
Four years ago, he wrongly accused her of being responsible for the death of his fiancée and sent he
School Hall
After a lousy blind date, the young woman stumbles upon a CEO's chauffeur. They rush into marriage,
Never Mess With A Badass Girl
A private investigator unwittingly gets caught up in the dangerous web of a covert organization led
Sisters Have Crush On The Same Man
For three years, everyone around them claimed they were the perfect match. It was said so often that
Mr. Moody’s Stand-in Sweetheart
With a childhood filled with Love and abundance, Gigi Philips grows up to be ray of sunshine with no
Goodbye Ex, I Return To Being The Heiress
This gripping mystery-thriller unravels the dark secrets hidden within the walls of Crestwood Academ
Tied By Fate
On the day of her divorce, the woman collapses in a pool of blood, giving birth in the snow. In that
Twisted Fates
The groom is a cripple, and the bride is a bumpkin. People make fun of them, but little do they know
Echoes of Vengeance
After the death of his father and elder brothers in a ghastly motor accident, Luca Marcini becomes t
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