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So when we discuss bbw cams so many people still to this day do not know what bbw means so to clear that up for some of you bbw stands for big beautiful women, now every one has an idea of what a big beautiful women is as in regards to size. Now i am going to talk with regards to Uk sizes here but i do not regard women who are size 14-16 to be bbw i regard them to be curvy women and i have to admit i love curves. I thought i would start this chat by discussing what makes a bbw , i will have to say i think anything over a size 18 becomes a bbw. When i look at a lot of the bbw cams ladies online at that link some of them are just so obese and yet i know for a fact there is a huge market for this as these bbw cams ladies rooms are always full of punters asking “show tits” “show ass ” gets a bit tedious guys you want to see more take them private. They have bills to pay the same as you do. So back to my definition i do think above a size 18 is venturing into the bbw world don’t get me wrong i see nothing wrong with it these women are happy with who they are and with themselves. I have always found the bbw cams ladies are a lot more friendlier than the barbie types who are online full of themselves thinking the world owes them something, sorry girls the world owes you nothing. Give me a bbw cams lady any time of the day over these stick insects.

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